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Motifz Contests - Win Free Motifz Dresses :

*) Contest Type: Motifz Invite Like and Share Contest:
Contest Status: Running
Contest Result : According to the contest running timer (After Every 20 Days)
How to Participate: Download Updated Contest Guide File and Participate ...
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Updated Section --- Daily Share - What to Share Daily for Motifz Invite and Share Contest

Share Motifz Facebook Daily Posts Maximum (10 Times minimum ) to different groups, pages.
Share Motifz Facebook Daily Posts Products by visiting links,
For Example this post was shared on motifz facebook timeline, click on given link
Here on Motifz Website Product you will find different shares options , share this product to different media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
Each user must share facebook daily posts and products to maximum , minimum 20 times total to different social media pages, groups etc.

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Motifz ( Invite & Share ) Contest Results